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Model Texas

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Photo Session are by appointment only


I, as most photographers do, started my photography as a hobby for me it was back in 1980 then it soon turned into a passion, starting with my kids, family and then friends and so on. Turned semi-pro in the early 80's, and since 1999 I've been shooting professionally full time. Professional services include; buildings, web sites, weddings, special event, sporting events, glamour style, custom artwork, and modeling, etc.

My passion has always been photography work with model's and Model Texas has been designed around that passion instead of just making money. I like making money who doesn't! I do charge for some types of work or how the pictures I take will be used but in general it's practice time for me to keep my skills at there best for my paying customers.

Teacher by heart, I love to teach the art and passion of poses and photography alike, so I do have one on one training both modeling and photography.

Photography, Is the passion of captured images of creative visions and ideas that come together as one to create works of art that are as priceless as they are timeless.

The Art of Photography, Is framing only what you wish the viewer to see of an image with creative lighting and shadows and never shooting what is consider standard as there is no art in shooting like everyone else. ;-)

Steve Bourne, ABR/MT


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